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This is an outline for this project. Please feel free to ADD your own information. Please be polite and do not remove any information that is not yours without permission of the author. Spelling and (gross) grammar corrections are always welcome!

This will probably be broken into separate pages as more information is added. Some references for you new to Media Wiki:

Formatting Commands

Quick Reference card


Design Documents

Block Diagram for Design

File:Block diagram.pdf

Name Suggestions

Put yours here

List of proposed Features

Please list your ideas for design features. Use the format below for an example:

subsystem - design feature - (your name)
List the benefits of your design feature. Examples: low cost, available designs/parts, functionality improvement...
Examples: high cost, limitations of other features, complexity...

Power - Lead Acid batteries 12 or 24 volt - (Gary)


I have 12v 6ah batteries to donate to the project.

Lead acid batteries are charge easily and the charging circuit is simple.


Weight - a heavy platform uses more power during movement.

Locomotion - Differential Drive (2 drive wheels) - (Gary)


This is the simplest type of drive mechanically and 2nd simplest mathematically and for control.

Cost is low since there are few components besides what is necessary: wheels, hubs, motor.

Can be accurate for odometry.


Requires real time control.

Not well suited for outdoor use.

Intelligence - PC class computer with an Operating System (OS) - (Gary)


An OS makes many complex tasks possible such as: networking, file management, on board development, and improves ease of use.


Cost and complexity.


Processor (Main) board


Beagle Board

Pico ITX PCs

Daughter (Accessory) boards

Here are some little ARM modules in Ardunio form factor

ARMdunio boards

Batteries and Power Distribution

Locomotion Motors, Encoders, and H-Bridges


Body-Enclosure Design Ideas



I (Daniel) suggest we release any software we develop for this platform under the GNU GPL V3 (

   Nobody should be restricted by the software they use. 
   There are four freedoms that every user should have:
   the freedom to use the software for any purpose,
   the freedom to change the software to suit your needs,
   the freedom to share the software with your friends and neighbors, and
   the freedom to share the changes you make. - The Foundations of the GPL

Embedded Linux

ChibiOS/RT (
FreeRTOS (

Robot Architectures

Robot Operating Systems

How To Manuals and Guides

Robotics Links and Resources

Companies with great reference material

The Willow Garage

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